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All puppies out of the Independence Litter have gone to their new homes, please watch out for them in their new homes!  Excited to see several of them in show/performance homes! 


Our next litter will not be until probably late 2020 or early 2021.  Please check back for more details.



If you are interested in a puppy or an older dog, please email us a questionnaire.

Inquiries about our kennel are always welcome!  Understand we do have a busy life and it sometimes takes a while to get through emails.

If you are interested in being put on our list for a puppy please copy the Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

into an email or word document, fill it out and email it to us.  This questionnaire is a joint one with Pawcific North.  So, if you can copy it to me as well at emilypawcific @  it does help speed up the process.  Thanks!

Pawcific Puppy Buyer Questionnaire